You Better Watch Out, It’s Toy Show Night!

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Ryan Tubridy on the Toy Show set in a black and red Christmas Jumper.

There’s no need for an intro, it’s the biggest silliest TV event of the year!

The all-singing, all-dancing, all demonstrating televisual Christmas jumper wearing extravaganza, watched annually by zillions of people far and wide and known quite simply as The Toy Show.

TV schools say never to work with animals, children or toys that require batteries, but thankfully someone was out that day and years later said, “here’s a mad idea” and for over 40 years now its been our gift to the world.

This year’s theme is The Jungle Book and is of such epic proportions that over 60 students have been drafted in to help the set designers complete the characters for the customary big opening number.

Of course, the Toy Show isn’t really about the great big pile of toys, it’s about the stream of little (and not so little) people showing them off and the chance that one of them might let out a swear word when something goes wrong. Anyway, throw on the PJ’s and have the crisps at the ready – Toy Show time is 9:35 tonight on RTE One, or if you are outside Ireland you can watch it live on the RTE Player.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some of the heroes of Toy Shows past.

Here’s John Joe. At an age when most of us wanted to grow up and be a Superhero or in my case, a bus, JohnJoe Brennan was spending his time, with time. His super charged brain and ability to talk fluently about Roald Dahl and Rolex watches left everyone both in awe and wondering how to spell Horologist. Crucially, he also has a brilliant laugh. Wonder if he’s managed to finish reading Harry Potter yet?

Ed & Aimee on the double. These two won the Toy Show of 2014, the perfect mix of an unsuspecting giddy teenager with an infectious laugh and a laid back fun-loving celebrity. After confessing her love for everyone’s favourite “swoon worthy” strumming sensation, Aimee goes on to sing a few lines from his hit song “Lego House”. And in the words of Miley, well be Holy God…

It’s too much for Toby. Ed wasn’t the first high flying celeb to make an impromptu appearance on the Toy Show of course. Back in 2003, Toby Kane showed Pat Kenny a portable CD player, whatever that was. To give an idea of just how good it was, he played a track from the ‘poptastic’ Girls Aloud and proceeded to give it socks to their version of “Jump”. What happened next? Tears aloud…

And then there was Alex. A man of few words, tells it like it is and just keeps on rollin’ having bought and sold Ryan in less than 60 seconds.

Thanks but no thanks. It’s one thing watching, it’s a whole other level actually making it into the audience for the Toy Show. Tickets are harder to come by than hen’s teeth! So in the weeks prior to the event when a competition winner accepted a €10k cash prize but turned their nose up at the rare and beautiful golden tickets, we were not impressed…

So, where will you be watching tonight? Share in the comments below!

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