Christmas Decorations from Kilkenny Design

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The Christmas Tree is just the beginning!

From the fireplace to the front door, there’s any amount of traditional and unusual Christmas decorations to be found, all helping to create the magic and welcome the excitement of Christmas into your home.

I go all-out when it comes to Christmas decorations – no surface is safe! And every year I go on the hunt for something new, or just a good old-fashioned nose around the shops for some decoration inspiration. The advent of low-power LED lighting and cheaper, smaller electronics means there are more ways than ever to light up the night. And the traditional rich colours and rustic look of glitter covered ornaments, baubles, wreaths, garlands, tinsel and tree toppers are as popular as ever.

Have a look through some photos of my Christmas decoration road trips. If you’ve spotted something yourself while out and about or have some faves in your home that you’d love to show off, let me know and I’ll add them below!

Kilkenny Design have an interesting mix of classic and modern Christmas decorations, with unique Irish and International hand-crafted ornaments to festive up your home! Here’s some I spotted:

Christmas trees, figures and tree decorations


Snow globes, baubles, figures and fireplace display


Various Christmas figures on display

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What do you think?