Just Getting Started!

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Red & Green Baubles with Gold Stars

Hello there! And welcome to the very first post on the Must Be Christmas blog!

Things are literally just getting going. Or to put it in Christmas terms, I haven’t even thought about whether or not to have Turkey this year! But I hope you can stick with me as I get busy in the virtual workshop and the excitement ramps up to the big day.

I’ve always loved Christmas, especially the build up to Christmas day – which is why I decided to create Must Be Christmas. Any excuse to start celebrating early, right? As a kid, the giddiness went through the roof once December came along, but right from the middle of September I couldn’t help myself. I’d wander home from school in the evening wondering what Santa was up to. Was he really watching?

I’d imagine the presents stacked under the Christmas tree – we’d had the same one since before I came along so to me it seemed as old as Christmas itself! Secretly my head was filled with anticipation of the sights, sounds and smells of everything from the roast dinner to the roaring fire, but I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone until after Halloween! Christmas didn’t start quite so early back then!

So I suppose this website is a nod to Christmases past and a massive HELLO to Christmas present! I hope you’ll find it fun, festive and maybe even useful!

I have lots of plans and ideas that I hope will make MustBeChristmas.com a part of your Christmas countdown and celebrations. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear them. You can also share your favourite seasonal spots or snaps on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s everywhere!

Thank you for visiting and above all, happy Christmas!

What do you think about this?

What do you think?